For Both the Mountain and Hammered dulcimer      
A little bit about our club...

The Dulcimer Society of Northern Illinois (DSNI) was created to further the playing and appreciation of both mountain (fretted) and hammered dulcimers, though we welcome players of all acoustic instruments. Our meetings provide opportunities to make music and socialize with a diverse group of other players and guest musicians.

Our goal is to increase our individual musical knowledge, playing skills and pleasure. For those who wish, club activities can also provide opportunities to develop or improve teaching or performing abilities.

At two meetings each year we feature mini-concerts and workshops led by professional musicians. There is a modest charge to attend these events, $20 for members, $30 for non-members.

We meet one Sunday afternoon per month, 8 times per season. We've put together an exciting program for this season! Check out our schedule for detailed information. We meet at: 7574 North Lincoln Avenue, Skokie, IL. Please Note: This is not our mailing address. Contact us for our mailing address.

Dues are $25 per program year. There is no prerequisite for joining. Programs are geared to all skill levels and represent many styles of playing. We encourage beginners to attend as members are in all stages of competency. A dulcimer may be available for guests to play if they do not come with an instrument of their own. Contact us to reserve an instrument.

Standard music notation, mountain dulcimer tab, and chord designations are provided so all can participate.

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