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Postby KenH » Mon Aug 11, 2003 2:08 pm

Easier than a festival or jam would be a concert. Don't know how you'd make a jam into a fundraiser... Charge people to play? - they probably won't come....charge people to listen? - you gonna get a dozen players to play for free, and then charge the listeners? Jams are gonna attract dulci-holics, not the general public... A festival usually involves workshops - you'll pay the presenters and charge the attendees. I understand there is a ton of competition for that sort of thing in Ohio these days, you' have to have some really special teaching talent to make any money on a one day festival The SouthWest Dulcimer Festival, here in AZ, is a three day affair with over 80 workshops, and in its fourth year still isn't breaking even... festivals in particular are for dulci-holics, not the general public. But a dulcimer or folk music concert... now there you you could concieveably make some real money, with the right promotion and the right talent or two. Someone like Jean Ricthie, or Robert Force or Alan Darveaux or Atwater-Donnelly or Sweetwater - right there in your backyard...
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Postby missy » Mon Aug 11, 2003 3:31 pm

Hey Alyce - how ya doin'????Smile Ken has a point - my recommendation was not to have it when there is already a festival in the area. But I got to thinking - that pretty much eliminates the entire month of May, the entire month of September, and quite a lot of April, June, and October. There's things in July and August, too, just not so many (more of the week long, camp type of things). See ya at Harmony Harvest! Missy
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Postby Davef » Mon Aug 11, 2003 9:04 pm

Hi Alice Whatever you do I know a big dummie and his wife who will probably be there and if you sweet talked a little they might even help. Dave
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Postby Tom » Tue Aug 12, 2003 9:03 am

Alyce, This is a tough one in several ways. The downside of being in dulcimer mecca is that people have so many choices and, while supportive, may just look at this as another dulcimer event. As Missy has pointed out, when do you schedule this without a conflict? Another issue is that to raise money you need to outreach to the general (Central Ohio) community. Even with the ever increasing popularity of the dulcimer, folks like David S, Steve S., Lee Rowe, etc., are not household names. I suggest you contact the Central Ohio Folk group in this. Jerry Rockwell can put you in touch with them. You'll need their help and hopefully get a lead on potential sponsors. You might also contact Queen City Balladeers of Cincinnati, . They have solid contacts throughout Ohio and are great promoters of folk music. I think you'll need a sponsor. It would be nice to get a buy in from someone like WOSU who can promote the event. The concert is a grand idea but shouldn't be limited to dulcimer. You can depend on Missy and I for support. Good luck. Tom
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