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Elevating your exposure with a site-wide banner ad

Banner ads are a great way to reach the thousands of folks that visit we are very proud to offer a very low-cost banner ad program that will suit festival, artists and vendors.

Here's how it works - can you tell I like to keep things simple?

Frequently asked questions

  1. Why do festivals get a 25% price discount for ads?
    Festivals are the life-blood of our community. When they are healthy, we all do better!
  2. Can you help me design an ad?
    Ha! I'm terrible at this. You don't want my "help", but I know someone who is EXCELLENT at this sort of thing. Heidi James designed the look of ED. Contact her at firelightdesign [at] hotmail [dot] com.
  3. How much will my ad be seen?
    That depends on the amount of traffic we see for the month you run your ad. In March of 2012, we had over 8,000 unique visitors and 60% of those visitors come back on a regular basis. Simply put, if you wanted to reach 8000 potential customers, that means finding a list, licking a LOT of stamps, etc. If you want to reach dulcimer folk, they are here and your message can be put in front of them cheap!